Visit to PSCA

We are recently visited the Rescue 1122 Headquarters in Lahore to present their findings and recommendations as part of the Grand Challenge Fund project. The team, led by the PI, Dr. Momin Uppal, has been working on optimized ambulance allocation and mitigating road traffic crash (RTC) hotspots in Lahore, in collaboration with Rescue 1122. Some preliminary results, recommendations, and suggestions were put forward, which the team believes are a significant milestone towards safer roads for the citizens of Lahore. The Director General of Rescue 1122, Dr. Rizwan Naseer, was in attendance among several senior officials of the organization. Dr. Naseer appreciated the efforts of Team UrbanTech, and expressed his desire to extend this fruitful collaboration. Members of Team UrbanTech also commended Dr. Naseer’s enthusiasm towards a data-centric problem-solving approach, and his willingness to lead a data revolution in Pakistan’s public sector.