Crowd Analytics

This technology estimates the number of people in a defined area and can also determine queues. It triggers a notification when a defined threshold value is exceeded. It can be alternatively employed in detecting social distancing in real time and can trigger an alarm in case of non-compliance.  

Our Crowd Analytics Technology is based on deep neural networks. 

  • Estimates the current number of people in the monitored area (indoor/outdoor)

  • Detects crowded areas based on a defined threshold 

  • Real-time monitoring of Social Distancing

  • There are no limits on the number of areas of interest which can be configured by the user

  • Accuracy higher than 90%, even in very crowded environments

  • Camera in wall mounting (10 to 26 ft height), vertical angle to the persons max. 30°

The main objective of this research thread is to design an artificially intelligent traffic analytics application that would assist law enforcement bodies in regulating and optimizing footfall for businesses and municipalities.

Benefits to your Business

  • Accurate and real-time people counting to maintain social distancing protocols
  • Improved safety for clients, passengers, employees, and customers
  • Cost-effective alternative to physical counting gates
  • Scalable solution applicable to various facilities and vehicles
  • Edge AI deployment ensures independence from internet connectivity and enhances data privacy
  • Integration of  sensors and video cameras for precise counting
  • AI-driven analytics for reliable and efficient people counting
  • Optimized AI models for edge computing, enabling real-time performance and data privacy