Resource Optimization

CITY has designed models to optimize waste and resource management by leveraging technology to dynamically relocate waste bins based on usage patterns and demand, reducing the overall walking distance, maximizing population coverage, and promoting sustainability.

By minimizing the walking distance between houses and waste bins, the system aims to reduce the physical strain on individuals by promoting healthier and more livable communities.

 In our project with LWMC the updated bin locations are suggested in such a way that we have maximized the population coverage by placing bins near more populous areas. We can improve waste collection efficiency by placing bins in locations where they are easily accessible and convenient for users, waste collection vehicles can cover more ground in less time thus improving efficiency.
Optimizing waste bin locations can also lead to cost savings for waste management companies by reducing the amount of time and resources needed for waste collection and disposal.

The Centre for Urban Informatics, Technology, and Policy  recently renewed its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Lahore Waste Managment Company.  The formal signing ceremony took place on Wednesday, with LWMC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Babar Sahib Din and CITY Director Dr. Momin Uppal putting pen to paper.
Under this agreement, both organizations have committed to collaborating on fleet route optimization and digitalization initiatives utilizing data-driven optimization and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Notably, a successful pilot project focused on Gulberg has already been completed, demonstrating the efficacy of our route optimization methods in reducing waste collection costs. This achievement serves as a promising starting point for further endeavors.

Dr. Uppal expressed his enthusiasm for the project's expansion, which aims to encompass all neighborhoods of Lahore, creating an integrated solid waste management system. Central to this system will be the implementation of round-the-clock digital monitoring of operational vehicles, ensuring efficient and effective waste management practices. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to provide the citizens of Lahore with state-of-the-art sanitation facilities.
Overall, the collaboration between CITY and LWMC marks a significant step forward in leveraging technology to enhance waste management practices. Through this partnership, the organizations seek to optimize routes, conserve resources, and ultimately establish an integrated system that promotes cleanliness and sustainability throughout Lahore.