Traffic Analytics

The main objective of this research thread is to design an artificially intelligent traffic analytics application that would assist law enforcement bodies in regulating and optimizing traffic activity throughout the city. We have designed a model that automatically recognizes license plates upon which further analysis can be applied, such as vehicle monitoring and tracking or origin-destination matrices. CITY has also designed a system that automatically analyses the traffic volume and counts vehicles by different modes of transport. The main technical aim is to automate surveillance tasks which have hitherto been done manually. With the number of registered vehicles increasing at an alarming rate, making urban life on the road more and more congested, AI and ML tools are essential in streamlining and automating traffic analytics

CITY has collaborated with multiple corporations to optimize their logistical functions, thereby streamlining traffic operations at large. Our services include

  • Route Optimization
  • Delineating Accident Hotspots
  • Delineating Traffic Bottlenecks
  • Rush Hour Traffic Dynamics
  • Road Extraction
  • Last Mile Prediction
  • Parking Space Detection

We offer multiple services and product strategies in Traffic Analytics to automate, streamline and optimize transportation projects and logistic designs.