Fatima Naveed

Fatima is a Computer Science graduate from LUMS with a keen interest in Computer Vision, Graphics, and developing machine learning models. During her two-year tenure as a Research Assistant, she accomplished significant projects. In her first year, she developed a model extracting valuable information from audio calls recorded in helpline centers across various areas of Pakistan. In her second year, her focus shifted to researching early warning forest fire detection systems using detection models and PTZ cameras. While an undergraduate, she served as a Teaching Assistant for multiple courses and pursued specialized studies in Distributed Systems, Deep Learning, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning, undertaking specific development projects in these fields. At CITY, Fatima is currently engaged in a project titled “AI-Driven Insights on GreenSpaces Decline,” utilizing a machine-learning model to explore the effects of rapid urbanization and visualize the evolution of green spaces.

Research Assistant

  • Green Spaces Detection